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Zelena Hull

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Too Many Questions

This song elicits the feelings of older styles of instrumentation with the flute, electric guitar, bass, and drums. A dramatic classic rock song about being too afraid to be hurt again. Too Many Questions is the struggle between boundaries and the truth. Lyrics: Only so many questions have answers people are willing to give Is […]

Runaway Train

This song is has an insane emotional build up with intimate moments and waves of high stakes melodrama. It is a ballad pop rock song that quickly builds up momentum just like a train going off the rails. Runaway Train is about feeling lost and out of control. Lyrics: Always seems to move too fastLove […]


This song is a fun rock song about being tired of a warn out relationship where your partner doesn’t put in their part. It is very much in the same line of “Serious” (my first release ever when I was around 15). Idiot is the anthem of the frustrated to put it mildly. Lyrics: There’s […]

Last Rope

An intense New-age rock song with bombastic synths, drums, and sample manipulation. This song is about how society has created distrust among it’s own members and that often people are afraid to go out of their comfort zone. There’s problems we want addressed but we refused to do it our selves. Lyrics: I’ve been blind […]

EP 6ftunder

My parent’s and I call this the sin album. I talk about many issues including unfair treatment, the inability to live up to expectations, and the inner nature of people. The best stories have a moral lesson to them and I wanted to incorporate that lesson here. Spotify link for EP:      6ftunder~ People […]