jazz – Zelena Hull

I Keep On Being Confused

A light Jazzy pop rock song about being happy and yet unsure in love. This track has a fun tone that pokes fun at its self and uses genre cliches in flamboyant ways. 🙂 Lyrics: There was so much, so outta touchcouldn’t think straightNo matter what I did,life never made any senseI keep feelin’ like […]

I Got Bills Due

Hustle culture is a vulture taking parts of our lives. Now is our time to take it back. This song is a light hearted critique of modern work culture and social stresses around productivity. It is Jazzy with Guitar, drums, and vocals for a stripped down feel. Lyrics: Always breathing down my neck at my […]


It’s hard to say no to someone you love, and it’s even worse if they are taking advantage of you. This song is about being taken advantage of time and again, and finally breaking the cycle. Being a door mat is never good for you. Loving you is like waking up with amnesia, forget about […]