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Zelena Hull

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Neath The Glow Of A Buzzing Lamp

Slow Southern rock song with dynamic rhythmic patterns. There’s an innate sense of justice we all feel as humans. When someone we love is in trouble it is the natural thing to defend them. Most of us would go to great lengths to protect our loved ones. A man vows to defend his baby girl […]

Last Rope

An intense New-age rock song with bombastic synths, drums, and sample manipulation. This song is about how society has created distrust among it’s own members and that often people are afraid to go out of their comfort zone. There’s problems we want addressed but we refused to do it our selves. Lyrics: I’ve been blind […]


This song is about someone watching their best friend slowly go down a spiral of destruction because they can’t let go of their boyfriend. No matter how bad it gets she keeps letting him come back. I think many people can relate to that feeling of helplessness. Lyrics: I feel like you keep running in […]


An upbeat and bubbly song about people running from the skeletons hiding in their closets. 🙂 It reminds me of the horror for kids genre. This was one of my first songs I ever wrote. I used to read a lot of the Goosebumps series as a kid and loved Halloween. This draws heavily from […]

Blood on the River

This song was inspired by rumors I heard as a child. I would hear of stories of people finally having enough and snapping. Jenny always loved this young man, but he always just thought of her as a friend. He didn’t know that she was obsessed with him. However when he got a serious girl […]


Voodoo is about a woman escaping her abusive husband using magic, however her plan goes off the rails when the cops are called. This song is a bluesy rock song with synth elements. I wanted to create something out of this world, yet have some familiarity to it. This was inspired by some of the […]

Endless road

No one knows who’s really telling the truth. Is it an urban legend? What happened to this man’s family? This song is a song about concealment, revenge, and the uncovering of what really happened down that endless road. This single was inspired by the dark atmosphere of horror and true crime. I wanted to use […]

Black Train

This song is inspired by the old west and the common struggles that characterized the frontier. Who we follow in the song is a troubled man marked by pain and suffering. In this formative years his father died, leaving behind a large sum of debt due to his gambling addiction. Sadly are protagonist was left […]

Oh La La

This song is about the everyday struggles everyone goes through, of course with a comedic twist. There’s never enough time to do what you want to do. Oh La La touches on the disappointment of going nowhere in live. At this point the narrator has gotten older and has realized that their dreams might be […]

EP Hello

Doomed Duck~ Highly inspired by the corruption that leads to recessions or depressions, this song has a bleeding edge cutting deep into the hearts of the unaware. People are forced to participate in a system they actively despise. Greed actively works against the communal nature of humanity. This song is a critique of the system […]