funny – Zelena Hull

I Got Bills Due

Hustle culture is a vulture taking parts of our lives. Now is our time to take it back. This song is a light hearted critique of modern work culture and social stresses around productivity. It is Jazzy with Guitar, drums, and vocals for a stripped down feel. Lyrics: Always breathing down my neck at my […]

You Only Like Her Cause She’s Pretty

A satirical song about how looks can be very deceptive. This is a light fluffy experience with fun word play. Light drums and accordion turns the tables on romantic musical cues. . lyrics: Picking at your food, cause there ain’t nothing else to doStare at her eyes cause their baby blueDon’t really wanna talk about […]

Lying S.O.B.

Sometimes people really don’t care in the worst way possible. This song pokes fun at people that are jerks. It’s upbeat and more charismatic then your friend-enemy’s friend-enemy. A lying knifing S.O.B. doesn’t care about you or me I could be dying in the street, he’d walk all over me with his feet No respect […]