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Just Like A Song

This song is about the cliche’s in different genres and the slow erosion of certain aspects of music. It’s meant to be at a fun poke at the modern music industry through the lens of different genre stereotypes. It also makes fun of songwriting conventions that most artists use as a fun little nod. lyrics: […]

I Wonder Who’s Loving You Now

Two ex-lovers went their separate ways because one half’s inability to commit. When you let something good go there’s a lot of regret. What could I have done differently? Maybe I should of done this… or that… This song is about the feeling of looking back and feeling weighted down by your past. It’s much […]

Blood on the River

This song was inspired by rumors I heard as a child. I would hear of stories of people finally having enough and snapping. Jenny always loved this young man, but he always just thought of her as a friend. He didn’t know that she was obsessed with him. However when he got a serious girl […]


This song is a journey between two teen lovers as they experience “something special” for the very first time. Becky is a teen romance rom-com in song form. Her relationship slowly evolves during the course of the school year, as she is about to graduate high school. Eventually her biggest crush finally asks her out. […]

Black Train

This song is inspired by the old west and the common struggles that characterized the frontier. Who we follow in the song is a troubled man marked by pain and suffering. In this formative years his father died, leaving behind a large sum of debt due to his gambling addiction. Sadly are protagonist was left […]

Oh La La

This song is about the everyday struggles everyone goes through, of course with a comedic twist. There’s never enough time to do what you want to do. Oh La La touches on the disappointment of going nowhere in live. At this point the narrator has gotten older and has realized that their dreams might be […]

EP Hello

Doomed Duck~ Highly inspired by the corruption that leads to recessions or depressions, this song has a bleeding edge cutting deep into the hearts of the unaware. People are forced to participate in a system they actively despise. Greed actively works against the communal nature of humanity. This song is a critique of the system […]

Just a Cinderella story EP

Just a Cinderella Story~ If your naive you can be easily taken advantage of. This song is about a young woman being fooled into a relationship by a slick boy toy. Looks can fool and going head first into something without taking the time for yourself is a bad idea. Life isn’t a fairly tale […]

In Love With You and Country Boy

These are both fun country love songs. In Love With You talks about how the simple pleasures make live amazing. If it’s the love poem then Country Boy is the meet cute/flirt that started it all. It makes puns about American culture and norms in a fun a light heart-ed way. In Love With You […]

EP 6ftunder

My parent’s and I call this the sin album. I talk about many issues including unfair treatment, the inability to live up to expectations, and the inner nature of people. The best stories have a moral lesson to them and I wanted to incorporate that lesson here. Spotify link for EP:      6ftunder~ People […]