blues – Zelena Hull

I Got Bills Due

Hustle culture is a vulture taking parts of our lives. Now is our time to take it back. This song is a light hearted critique of modern work culture and social stresses around productivity. It is Jazzy with Guitar, drums, and vocals for a stripped down feel. Lyrics: Always breathing down my neck at my […]


Voodoo is about a woman escaping her abusive husband using magic, however her plan goes off the rails when the cops are called. This song is a bluesy rock song with synth elements. I wanted to create something out of this world, yet have some familiarity to it. This was inspired by some of the […]

EP 6ftunder

My parent’s and I call this the sin album. I talk about many issues including unfair treatment, the inability to live up to expectations, and the inner nature of people. The best stories have a moral lesson to them and I wanted to incorporate that lesson here. Spotify link for EP:      6ftunder~ People […]