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Over The Edge Again

This song is a retro throwback classic rock tune. Over The Edge Again is about lies and greed. lyrics A thief a thiefEveryone’s a lair and everyone’s a thiefand you can just say it’s my beliefAnd every one takes a little bit away… away…away… Make you bleed make you feel like you never had what […]


Sci-fi inspired song originally conceived as a sample motion picture track for a school project of mine. Dystopian is highly inspired by the futuristic and darkness alike. It touches on the ills of modern life and the uncertainty of the future. It is a protest against authoritarianism and the tech overlords. lyrics It’s dystopianIt’s dystopianTaking […]

Deep Into It

An edgy rock song about the uncertainties of modern life especially for those in my generation, gen z. You feel like every decision you’ve made won’t pan out. Introspective. lyrics I’m too deep into itdoesn’t seem like there’s a way outIt’s a bed I’ve made, but I never intended to lie inI’m too deep into […]


This song is quite an experience, it like something you would hear at a goth bar. 🙂 A Halloween treat comparing a egotistical person to a Termite. This song uses micro-tonal scales and some off the wall sound design.Lyrics:You’re a termite eating through the wood crawling aroundOh you’re eating pieces of me and expect me […]

Sliver Lined Life

A really cool rock song sprinkled with distorted vocals. Sliver Lined Life has electric guitars, screams, and lots of other fun. lyrics I don’t know which way we should goit can’t be wrapped up neatly in a bowgot more problems than mostDon’t say that it ain’t verbose, feel like it’s all comatose Can’t be revived, […]

Can’t Keep Me As His Girl Friend

A fun 80’s inspired pop track about a sad little man who can’t keep a girl friend. 🙂 It has a really fun solo that hearkens back to earlier times. Also this is the song I’m breaking the world record for the most consecutively released songs with 🙂 Lyrics: You think that I’ll stayThat I’ll […]

Fell Outta Favor

A stripped back classic rock style tune about a lazy significant other. Sugar coating it ain’t gonna get you anything sweet. lyrics:Fell out of favoras I fell outta loveYou never did ever give me enough I used to do everything possible for youworked 2 damn jobs, while you had funBut I can’t do this anymore, […]

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Crying About It

Pop song about love, hopes, and dreams just not panning out. Sometimes you spread yourself too thin trying to get somewhere with something. Sometimes in order to move on with life, you have to be willing to trace back a few steps. lyrics: Didn’t think I’d be crying about itDidn’t think I’d care about something […]

Little Lies

An up close and personal piano driven rock ballad with an alternative flair given by the vocals. Within the core of this song there is some dark lurking beneath. Little Lies is about the stubbornness of the modern way of life and the inability to adapt. People yearning for change, but refusing to change themselves. […]

I Keep On Being Confused

A light Jazzy pop rock song about being happy and yet unsure in love. This track has a fun tone that pokes fun at its self and uses genre cliches in flamboyant ways. 🙂 Lyrics: There was so much, so outta touchcouldn’t think straightNo matter what I did,life never made any senseI keep feelin’ like […]