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EP Hello

Doomed Duck~ Highly inspired by the corruption that leads to recessions or depressions, this song has a bleeding edge cutting deep into the hearts of the unaware. People are forced to participate in a system they actively despise. Greed actively works against the communal nature of humanity. This song is a critique of the system […]

Just a Cinderella story EP

Just a Cinderella Story~ If your naive you can be easily taken advantage of. This song is about a young woman being fooled into a relationship by a slick boy toy. Looks can fool and going head first into something without taking the time for yourself is a bad idea. Life isn’t a fairly tale […]

In Love With You and Country Boy

These are both fun country love songs. In Love With You talks about how the simple pleasures make live amazing. If it’s the love poem then Country Boy is the meet cute/flirt that started it all. It makes puns about American culture and norms in a fun a light heart-ed way. In Love With You […]

EP 6ftunder

My parent’s and I call this the sin album. I talk about many issues including unfair treatment, the inability to live up to expectations, and the inner nature of people. The best stories have a moral lesson to them and I wanted to incorporate that lesson here. Spotify link for EP:      6ftunder~ People […]

I Believe

Inspired by history, I Believe is about the world war 1 soccer game between the British and Germans. It is somber, dark, and yet hopeful. Even with all the suffering both sides went through they could lay down their weapons in the spirit of giving. In any bad situation there is always a sliver lining. […]


Relationships can be tendentious at best. Sometimes you gotta leave some people behind if they bring you down. No wonder most marriages end in divorce. 🙂 Serious is Serious, evidently not everyone is about relationships. It takes two to make it work, not just one. This is a shredding rock song, in the vain of […]

Is a college degree in music worth it? The case for flexibility in music education.

Creating and playing music is an important part of life for many people. Often music is taught in universities and the instructors usually teach the way they were taught. This has created an academic culture around music and has slowly sapped the life out of university education. Music education is valuable but reaches its true […]

Old Bio

Old bio that was originally on my site: “ This is a very talented artist that will soon find herself in the company of some of the best artists in the land” — Music Arts Monthly Zelena’s love of music started at an early age when her mom (after watching an episode of the MTV […]

American Roots music by Zelena Hull

The first music that I started listening to when I was eight was rock & roll. A lot of the stuff I listened to where British invasion bands such as the Rolling Stones. I did listen to a lot of American and German bands as well. Most of the music I listened to from rock […]

Father and Son: How Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Shaped by His Father.

Hey guys I had to do a major project in college. I decided to write about how Leopold Mozart shaped his son. The prospectus will be attached at the end so you guys could see what I did. 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy! Father and Son: How Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was Shaped by His […]