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City Lights

I wrote this when I was 13 to 14 years old and I almost put it on my album 6ft under a long time ago. This song has a beautiful soft piano as the introduction and bedding of the song. City Lights is about nostalgia and how things will change over time. If you loved […]

The Game We All Play

What are we without a purpose, do we have to find a cause? After years of fighting for something you finally get it and then what? What happens when your expectations haven’t been meant and the facade cracks apart? Is the most dangerous game an endless one which in the end has no winners or […]


Some people want to suck you dry and use your own thoughts against you. People can be terminally vindictive to the affect of destroying most of what they wanted in the first place. You don’t get anywhere by burning bridges. Alternative Driving Hard Rock song that uses a dominant phrygian scale in g. Lyrics: Your […]

Who’s Lying Here

This is a sad-pop song about a breakup caused by infidelity. I wanted the lyrics to be fragile and emotionally loaded. This song was based on a composition I created when I was around 13. I had always loved it so decided to tweak it. Who’s Lying Here was to be originally titled Eyes Can […]

Whispers In The Dark

This is one of the first all electronic backgrounds I made when preparing for the single of the week project (although it isn’t one of the first released). I had originally created the track for bedding on live streams, but realized it might be better to officially release it first. Whispers In The Dark is […]

7 Deadly Sins

Hypocrisy and blind rage go hand in hand. It’s easier to blame someone else for their shortfalls or what is perceived as such than to look inward. 7 Deadly Sins is a song that pokes fun at hypocrisy and those who chose to be non-empathetic to others. It is constructed and performed in a Broadway-esque […]

Neath The Glow Of A Buzzing Lamp

Slow Southern rock song with dynamic rhythmic patterns. There’s an innate sense of justice we all feel as humans. When someone we love is in trouble it is the natural thing to defend them. Most of us would go to great lengths to protect our loved ones. A man vows to defend his baby girl […]

Lying S.O.B.

Sometimes people really don’t care in the worst way possible. This song pokes fun at people that are jerks. It’s upbeat and more charismatic then your friend-enemy’s friend-enemy. A lying knifing S.O.B. doesn’t care about you or me I could be dying in the street, he’d walk all over me with his feet No respect […]

Whispers and Lies

This song is a soft pop rock song with a dark undertone. It’s about lies and half-truths overtaking a relationship. The line “Drown me in the water, or I’ll float” is a reference to one of the inhumane ways people used a long time ago to determine whether innocent women were witches. During these horrid […]


This song is a fun rock song about being tired of a warn out relationship where your partner doesn’t put in their part. It is very much in the same line of “Serious” (my first release ever when I was around 15). Idiot is the anthem of the frustrated to put it mildly. Lyrics: There’s […]