About – Zelena Hull

Zelena Hull is a singer-songwriter-musician who started her journey at 11 right after she was diagnosed with Autism. She first started with vocal lessons and singing competitions. Zelena won multiple awards and competitions including Best Singer in the District. Soon after she started practicing the guitar with the help of Dan Caston. Two months after she started playing the guitar, she wrote her first song. Zelena then was invited to judge Best Singer in the State when she was only 16 and is still the youngest judge to date. After numerous gigs, she then released multiple singles and EPs. As of now, she has written a total of 650 songs. Currently she is releasing a single a week and expects to do so until October 2023.

Zelena worked with South Eastern Sound Studio on Two songs: that includes “Born and Raised” and “Walk On By”. She had a really good time there and was able to meet a lot of really wonderful musicians. She recorded her vocals and instrumental tracks there.

She worked with Mike Schrimpf (who has worked with Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, and  many more in the Nashville music scene), Mr. Steve Hinson (One of Nashville’s most requested players), Grammy players, and some members of the house band for the Grand Ole Opry. Zelena recorded her EP “Just a Cinderlla Story” and the song “Doomed Duck”. This picture is from right after the recording was finished. It was so fun recording in the heart of country music within the United States: Nashville TN.

Zelena created her first two singles “Serious” and “I Believe” with track recording done with Dan Caston. He also contributed to 3 songs on “6ft Under”, the EP “In Love You”, and “Hey Girls” of of the EP Hello. He is an awesome musician, who can play in various styles. She first came in contact with him to learn piano and that evolved into the creation of my first song. After working with him for a few sessions he noticed her desire to sing. He would play with her and then they started making up fun songs together. Dan had his band (named Blind Vision) booked at a local event and invited Zelena to come see them play.

When Zelena showed up to the event, Dan decided to let her on stage and sing. After that she was hooked and knew she wanted to be a musician. She told her mother that Dan was like sunshine, and made her so happy. Zelena wanted to make other people feel like that.

Zelena recorded the vocals for “Serious”, “I Believe”, the EP “6ft Under”, the EP “In Love With You”, the EP “Just a Cinderella Story”, and “Hello” at KLP studios. Also through him she was able to record at Mike Shrimph’s studio.

Read the amazing about the real life story that inspired “I Believe.”

Currently working on:

Zelena loves to experiment with her work. She loves how the world of music is so vast. Her work ranges from Country all the way to synth. She is coming out with a new single every Friday. She’s doing this in hopes to raise awareness for Autism and Indie artists. Zelena is looking forward to releasing even more of her work and hopes that you will tune in every week to see what she’s creating next. Who Knows she might even break a world record.

Note from the artist:

“Every week until around October 2023 expect to see a new single from me. My intent is to break the world record for the most consecutively released singles. I wanted to break the boundaries between different genres. The songs will consist of many different genres and mixing techniques. I wanted to be dynamic and create distinctive works. Expect country, rock, punk, electronic, hip-hop, classical, pop, and more influences in my work to come. All of the single of the week tracks I wrote, recorded, mixed, composed, and produced myself at home. This is a departure from my previous singles and Eps : Hello, Just a Cinderella Story, In Love With You, Six Feet Under, I Believe, and Serious. The backgrounds on those were created with the help of studio musicians all at the direction of my composition. I experimented with form, panning, effects, mood, and other aspects. A large chunk of the material was created in 2 months. Some weeks I had to create two compositions for classes I had in college. Having to create a lot in so little time inspired me to challenge myself. These releases are a culmination of my education and my want to explore new possibilities. Some of these compositions are also a part of my capstone for school. This journey will be awesome and I would love you to be a part of it. Thank you for reading this. I would appreciate it if you could share this. All this material will/is available on My YouTube.”

Thank you for reading.