CMA Fest 2015

nashville palace title

nashville palace

The Nashville Palace is the birth place of many singers careers and has hosted many performances live with Singers like Razzy Bailey, and many others.  It used to host a broadcast by TNN.  The Nashville Palace was where singer and legend Randy Travis got his big break into music.

 yee haw junction


       The Yee Haw Junction show performing live.  What a funny bunch!

zelena hull 4

 Zelena performing on stage at the Nashville Palace.  The show was filmed pay per view and broadcast to over 80 countries.

 Zelena Hull singing at the Nashville Palace
kenny lee zelena hull razzy bailey

Zelena on stage with Country Music Singer Kenny Lee and with Country Music Singer and legend Razzy Bailey above right.  Razzy Bailey is well known for his 9,999,999 tears, Midnight Hauler, and many other #1 hits.